Cottage Potatoes

I don't cook enough.  There, I said it.  It's right up there with cleaning as one of my biggest perceived failings as a parent/homemaker.  I used to cook dinner every night, back when I first moved in with my partner.  I made meals every day, with a 5+ hour food prep on Sundays so I … Continue reading Cottage Potatoes


Highlights of the Day (2/4/20)

1.  Surprise packages. 2.  Listening to my son's heartbeat. 3.  Getting some much needed cleaning done. 4.  My partner having a day off. 5.  Naptime. 6.  Rewatching old favorites. 7.  Waking up early for some peaceful alone time. 8.  Listening to music. 9.  My partner handling dinner. 10.  A scheduled gaming evening with a friend.