One Snowflake at a Time

Hello one and all!

So this week has been both hectic and unproductive. Life has resumed its usual course, which, I admit, generally includes a complete lack of desire to decorate. But not all is sad and barren: a Christmas card from a dear friend of mine has made it onto my windowsill. The Ikea snowflakes on either side of my window lean more towards Christmas spirit than winter spirit, but I will take what I can get. Luckily, the red and gold color scheme is too small and too high for it to be very noticeable.


I want my next step to involve candles, as a fair few scented candles have collected in my home. Perhaps a nice evergreen scent will have the desired effect, and might even coordinate well with the card. But my true next step isn’t lighting a candle; it’s finding them in the first place!

We shall see how the week progresses, and I will be sure to share any changes. Until next time!

Much love, and Happy Winter!


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