A Little Creativity

Hello one and all!

People can have a funny way of looking at productivity. On some days, it can feel as though even a minor task is an accomplishment; on others, no matter how much one does, it never seems like quite enough.

I began this week with a hunt for a candle. I was looking for something that fit the idea of winter, but not autumn or Christmas. Alas, I found nothing that suited my particular needs. That’s not to say I didn’t find a candle I liked, because I certainly did. It is a raspberry-scented Glade candle, which would generally suggest more of a summer feel than a winter one; nevertheless, I have it, I’m burning it, and I am happy with it. In fact, it is the first scented candle I have ever lit in my own home.


MH - 2016-01-18 - Raspberry Candle

Despite my desire to celebrate the seasons, I’ve been reminded that I shouldn’t let one goal prevent me from enjoying other things. If I want to read more nonfiction, that doesn’t mean I can’t read any fiction. If I want to pursue a particular career, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t branch out and learn skills for other fields of work. Certainly, if I wish to decorate my home in a manner that matched the season, that should not stop me from enjoying other aesthetics or scents because they don’t match a particular theme.


That is not to say, of course, that I have been wholly unsuccessful in introducing a new bit of winter into my home. Whilst browsing in a 99¢ store, I found this vase with a vaguely vine-like pattern. I bought a pack of Sharpies later that same day, with this result:



My initial intent was to use the red berries on every vine, but I decided that the simpler effect of the strong green pattern was more suited to my style. I did, however, do a little bit of experimentation on the very last vine.

MH - 2016-01-18 - Vase - Delicate Experiment

I like the more delicate feel that this approach has. I will most likely be picking up a couple more of these vases for future use. This particular technique might work well with metallic Sharpies, which hopefully will create more of a classic look. I also will experiment with the green vines idea again, but using these delicate lines with some simple flowers to create something for the springtime. With any luck, both of these ideas will be a success.

When I first sat down to write this post, I began with this sentence: “Once again, a week of little productivity.” Looking back now, I see that perhaps the week was not so bad as I thought. I have a candle, I learned a lesson, and I created something that I am happy with and enjoyed making. All in all, I would say that’s a pretty good week for a project that, by necessity, must take a backseat to the demands of everyday life. It’s important for us all to look at ourselves once in a while and give ourselves a bit of credit when we might otherwise write off all of our smaller accomplishments. That is what I intend to start doing, and I hope that others can do the same.


Until next time, much love, and Happy Winter!


MH - 2016-01-18 - Vase and Card


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