Share the Love

Hello one and all!

Today I want to talk about the holidays in a different way.

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, as many of you are aware. It is often a day for grand plans and candle-lit dinners, and can come with many expectations. This year, there are no romantic plans with my loved one, and that’s okay.

Love isn’t about grand gestures. Love is about all the little things every single day. It’s nice to have a holiday that reminds you to appreciate one another, but the expression of love should never be seen as an obligation. I love flowers and thoughtful evenings where I feel special, beautiful, and adored, but the man I am with is not romantic in the sense of elaborate plans and poetry. What makes me feel loved is the way he holds me close when he’s fast asleep, or how he can guess what days I won’t want to cook and not give me a hard time when I come to the same conclusion. He makes me feel loved in a thousand little ways, and I no longer care whether I get flowers or candle-lit dinners on a holiday I’d have to research to understand.

I’m not going to lie; I used to care a lot. I used to be disappointed when the guy I was with put little thought into any gift he gave me, or when my significant other spent Valentine’s Day with me the same way we spent much of our time together. Eventually I came to terms with the fact that some people don’t see the necessity for anything fancy in order to express themselves, and I can appreciate the honest sharing of feelings without anything grandiose.

How about you? When have you felt the most loved, and was it a big moment or a little one? Feel free to share, as I would love to hear how others think about this holiday.

Much love as always, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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