Making Things New

Hello one and all!

The holiday rush is over now, and I can finally take a breath.  I took yesterday as a day of total laziness and relaxation – the first in quite some time!  I slept when I wanted, I watched the cooking channel for far too long, I read, and I crocheted.  It was lovely.

But as the day was coming to a close, I felt like I hadn’t done anything.  While that was, in many ways, the goal, I still felt like there was something more fulfilling I could do.

During a search of my many unfilled notebooks (and you thought my candle obsession was bad…), I came across a large hardcover notebook I’ve had for a while.  It cost perhaps $2, as it was found in a used bookstore.  It had never been aesthetically pleasing, despite its silver color, due to the company logo plastered across the lower right corner.

I happened to have paints on hand, and so, after a relatively short period of time, produced this:


I definitely felt satisfied once this was done!

I used an acrylic paint for the background color, a Sharpie paint pen for the silver, and an oil paint for the tower/castle/who-knows-what.  A note on oil paint – if you have never used it before, be aware that it can take hours to dry.  I had never used them prior to this project, so the drying time caught me unaware.

This was a good reminder to myself that old things can be made new with just a little creativity and time, as well as providing its own entertainment and sense of accomplishment.  I hope that this can give someone else a little inspiration!  Let me know in the comments if you have done this before with other objects; I would love to get some more ideas.


As a side note, I clearly have not followed the format I had discussed a month ago. I do want to create some sort of regular format or schedule of different topics, but I think I need to create a more relaxed form for myself, or else I clearly won’t post at all!


Until next time; as always, much love and Happy New Year!


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