Daily Reflections

Hello one and all!

This is the time of year when many people make New Year’s Resolutions.  While I haven’t made any resolutions, I am trying to encourage my own growth and productivity.  I’ve started using a few phone apps this week, and while those are great, I find that physical outlets are more effective.

Thus began my journal, conveniently begun on New Year’s Day.


There has to be a balance between positivity and honest self-reflection, and while I have only just begun, I think I have found that balance.


The date is the first to be written of course, followed by a lovely green smiley face on the upper right corner.  🙂  This is indicative of the type of day I had: Good, Eh, or Bad.



After that comes a series of prompts and questions.

The first few are meant to help me view the day in a more positive light.

  1. “3 Good Things” – Three good things about the day.
  2. “Today I Accomplished…” – What necessary or productive tasks were performed? These could be household chores, creative projects, or other tasks I am happy to have completed.
  3. “Do I wish I had accomplished more?” – Exactly as it says.  Am I happy with what I did, or is there more I think I could have or should have done?  If I didn’t do everything on my to-do list, is that a failing on my part or did I truly accomplish as much as could be reasonably expected?




The next two are very specific to me.  I have a tendency to get upset and stay that way, sometimes over things that aren’t really important.  Those emotions can also taint other events and interactions throughout my day.  My goal is to work on controlling myself and learning to let go more quickly.  Thus the following questions:

  1. “Was I upset about something today?” – This is meant to include emotions such as anger, frustration, or other negative emotions.
  2. “Was it worth being upset over?” – Exactly as it says.  Even if I had a proper justification for my emotional reaction, was it worth the energy to be upset about it? Did anything positive come out of the emotion, such as it leading to a productive conversation with whomever I was upset with?  Or was I upset over something minor or out of my control, from which nothing positive could emerge?


From there I try to focus on the potential for change and improvement.

  1. “How could I have been healthier today?” – Could I have made better choices with my food?  Could I have walked somewhere instead of taking mass transit?  Could I have made time to go to the gym?
  2. “How could I have made today a better day?” – What could I have done better or introduced into my day to improve it, in terms of productivity, mood, or whatever area may have been lacking?




These are all the prompts and questions I have compiled for my daily journal.  I hope they promote positivity and growth in myself over the year, and perhaps a sense of stability during this year of changes.

Perhaps you will find them useful in some way as well.  Do you keep a journal?  Let me know how you keep yours!


As always, much love and happy writing!




8 thoughts on “Daily Reflections

  1. This is honestly a great practice. I used to do something similar in my 5-minute journal. I too sometimes get stuck in my emotions and journaling has helped me in the past clear my head by asking myself the right questions. How are you finding this process? Have you stuck to it?


    1. I have yet to miss a day! It hasn’t been helping too much with being healthy, but it’s been very good for my overall outlook and my anger issues. It’s still something I look forward to doing each night.

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