The Infinite Future

Hello one and all!

The first week of the new year is officially over.  Perhaps some of us have already failed our resolutions, perhaps some of us are going strong, and perhaps some of us simply saw the change of years as just another day.  But no matter how we rang in this January, one thing remains the same: the future is inescapable.

We can plan for it, we can hide from it, we can embrace it as it comes; the future will come no matter what we do.  Such is the passage of time.  But we can influence it.

The future is infinite, and so are its possibilities.  Did you look for a new job today?  Well if you did, perhaps you would find the job of your dreams.  If you didn’t, then maybe you missed it, or maybe you missed nothing at all.  Our futures are intricate and unknowable, influenced sometimes by the tiniest of factors we might think are unimportant.

Resolutions and goals aren’t just for the new year.  They are for every part of the year, and every part of our lives.  We don’t have to plan out every detail, but we should be aware of how our actions today and tomorrow can and will influence us down the road.

So if you didn’t make a resolution or goal, or you already failed them, then it’s time to look at your life again.

Why didn’t you make a goal?  Is it because you are happy with where you are in life?  Is it because you do want a change, but you’re afraid you might fail?  Is there something you could be doing better that you should be working on?

If you have failed your goal, ask yourself if you really failed.  Failure is giving up.  Failure is not even trying.  If your goal was to eat healthier, what difference does it make for your future if you didn’t follow through this week?  Does that somehow prevent you from trying again tomorrow?  If you have a bad day in two weeks, does it nullify the hard work you put in already, or prevent you from trying again the next day?

The future will come no matter what you do.  That future could bring you any number of things, and not all of them will be in your control.  So instead, control what you bring to your future.

Never stop.  Never give up.  Never let yesterday’s failures prevent you from reaching tomorrow’s successes.


As always, much love, and happy future!


via Daily Prompt: Infinite


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