Winter Wonderland

Hello one and all!

The holidays are over and stores are already preparing for Valentine’s Day, but winter is far from done with the Northern hemisphere.  Snow is piling up outside, so now is the perfect time to embrace the weather and bring it inside with me.  Here are a few ways I have found this season to add a little winter magic to my small home.


When the weather is frightful, I love wearing cozy socks!  I picked these up at a Target; they are warm and fuzzy, and I find them quite cute.


It’s quite satisfying to curl up on the couch with toasty feet and a warm blanket.  Add a good book and a mug of hot chocolate, and I really don’t think I could make that scenario any better.


I’m always a fan of snowflakes, so I found a few ways to incorporate them into my decorations.  I used up scraps of wrapping paper by cutting out intact snowflakes and taping them onto my bookcase, and similarly saved scraps of snowflake ribbon by taping them around the house.  Easy way to kill two birds with one stone.  🙂


On Christmas Eve, I tried something new with my family this year: we all sat down and made our own Christmas trees.  It wasn’t as successful as I had hoped, largely in that it wound up being more of an individual activity than a fun group activity, but one of my creations is perfect for a post-holiday winter decoration.


I took a green foam tree (pre-bought) and painted it white before adding the stickers.  Quite easy and quick, but still enjoyable and lovely to have around the house.


Last, but not least, here is a simple way to draw a snowflake.  Start with an asterisk, and add small “V”s along each line.  Voila!  Snowflake drawn in a matter of seconds.



What’s your approach to the winter season?  Do you dream of tropical vacations, or do you love the snow?  Let me know!


As always, much love, and Happy Winter!


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