Making a Home

Hello one and all!

Today I would like to ask you this: what makes a home?

Is it who lives in an abode, whether that is one person making a sanctuary for them, friends living together to get ahead, or a family making memories to last a lifetime?

Is it what the abode is, whether it is an apartment or house, rented or owned?

I know what home is for me.  It is the one place I can truly relax and be myself in.

For my current home, an important part of that is who I live with.  It would feel less homey if I didn’t come home to my significant other.  Which isn’t to say I could never call a place a “home” if I didn’t have him, but for the moment his existence is part of what gives it that bit of cozy freedom to be myself.

What exists inside my home also contributes to that cozy feeling.  Every piece of furniture carries a memory with it; largely because I assembled half of them myself!  I remember the very first day I spent there, sitting on the floor in an empty living room, but every addition since then has made the space feel more like ours.  Just a few weeks ago, I actually rearranged my living room and I couldn’t be happier with it!  Something about the space just feels right.

The common factor of both aspects is the building of memories.  I have memories of being with my partner in this home, both good and bad.  I have memories attached to most if not all of the main features in each room, from furniture to decorations to the random stuff I never quite have time to organize.

I know one day he and I will leave this place and start fresh somewhere else, but this is and will always be our first home together.  That will always be a special part of our lives.  No matter where we go or how many times we move, I know that each new place will be our home as long as we choose to make it ours.

Make your space yours.  No matter how long you have been there or how soon you will leave, you can do your very best to make it your home; whatever that means for you.

As always, much love, and happy homemaking!


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