Making Memories

Hello one and all!

What do you remember?  If you laid all you memories out before you, how much of your life would be represented?  Are they good, bad, or somewhere in the middle?

How many of them did you actively make?

I spend much of my time passively living life.  I go to work, I (usually) follow through with plans made with me, and I often accept what happens in my life.

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t want to live life that way.  In a sense, I am waiting for the best memories to come to me instead of actively seeking them out.  Where is my desire for adventure, exploration, or discovery?  Where is my drive to actively take part in my life?

So how does one seek out these important moments, worthy of being called our best memories?  One tactic, often recommended, is to say yes to more possibilities; say yes when you might otherwise say no, perhaps due to fear or uncertainty.  This doesn’t just mean saying yes to your friend or your coworker when they invite you to an activity or event.  It often means saying yes to yourself.  How often have you seen something you wanted to do or try, but said “oh it’s too expensive”, or “I’d be terrible at that”?  The first argument can be worked around by keeping an eye out for deals and by budgeting accordingly for it as a long-term goal.  The second argument needs only a simple rebuttal: all experts were once beginners.  You also don’t always know for a fact that you will be terrible, especially if you have yet to try!  If it is something you have tried before, remember that we are often our worst critics, and that sometimes the people around us aren’t any better judges of quality or potential!

In what ways do you actively make memories for yourself?  What reasons have been your stumbling blocks to saying yes?

As always, much love, and happy memories to you all!


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