Goodbye, Festive Season!

Hello one and all!

The holidays may have ended weeks ago, but it was only yesterday that I officially took down the tree.  Already I miss the warm glow of colorful Christmas lights, and the beautiful array of purple and teal ornaments that accompanied them.  That corner now feels empty and sad, instead of being filled with the drooping but steadfast cheerfulness of my fading tree.

Despite this, I am determined to not let myself succumb to the dreariness of winter’s heart.  My lights will be re-purposed as window decorations, and my ornaments will work wonderfully against the backdrop of a snowy view; although I must admit, I am not quite certain how many places in my home lend themselves to hanging baubles.  Luckily, glass spheres tend to look just as lovely when arranged in large glass bowls!  I’m sure I can find a cheap set of bowls or vases somewhere, and they inherently have many uses.

How are you living through the winter months?  Do you enjoy the season or merely wait them out?  Or are you in the middle of summer now?  Let me know!

As always, much love and happy winter!


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