Sleepless in… My Own Bed

Hello one and all!

Sometimes there is nothing worse than being tired enough that you want to sleep, but not tired enough to actually fall asleep.

To some extent I know I have this problem because my personal cycle tends to have me wake up later (I wish!) and fall asleep long after I ought to.  In fact, this has been a trend for as long as I can remember.  Despite liking school for much of my childhood, I always had a hard time waking up on time, regardless of whether I had stayed up late the night before; I admit I did stay up often, either to play my video games or (more often) to read.  It got me into a good deal of trouble, in addition to exacerbating my existing issues with morning wakefulness, but I very rarely regretted my nighttime activities.

Nowadays I still suffer from some of the same issues.  I still have trouble waking up, and I still go to bed after midnight.  I have tried to change both of these things, through strict schedules, limiting my time with electronics in the evenings, and using soft music to relax.  Not much has actually changed.

I have noticed that, perhaps most annoying of all, when I cannot sleep I no longer know how to occupy my time.  Staring at the ceiling is always an option, but does nothing more than frustrate me.  Productivity around the house would be, well, productive, but if I’m tired enough to be in bed, I’m usually too tired to do a whole lot of work.  Internet browsing is often surprisingly boring, partly because that’s already how I spend many evenings.

This past week, my solution has been to work on more intellectual projects by brainstorming ideas for work projects or this blog.  It doesn’t help me get any closer to sleep, but at least it’s better than doing nothing or wasting time!

Do you have issues getting to sleep?  Do you give up and find something to do, or do you have tried and true methods of getting some shut-eye?  Let me know!

As always, much love, and happy resting!


4 thoughts on “Sleepless in… My Own Bed

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that when I can’t sleep if I start thinking about the chores that I should be doing since I’m awake anyway, I fall right to sleep. 🙂


  2. I understand you so well. I myself have troubles to sleep at night, regardless of amount of coffee during day. My best solution so far is meditate before sleep. Even 5-10 minutes is enough( I never have more time). And if this doesnt help – I do the same – write an article, plan my next day, … Something productive. Fighting it will not bring results anyway, but using it will give life to creative ideas 🙂


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