“Spiritual Breakfast”

Hello one and all!

It often feels like everyone wants our attention.  When we are at home, we may have family members demanding our time or the incessant buzz of notifications via text, email, or social media.  When we are at work, or even working at home, we have obligations toward our boss, our client, or whomever else we must interact with.  When we are traveling, we are often bombarded with messages from people who want our money, in the form of ads (audio or visual) or physical people standing in front of us.

I have grown accustomed to tuning out these demands when there is no one who actively needs me personally, such as on my commute.

“Spiritual breakfast.”

These are the words that made me tune back into my surroundings this morning.  I had been half-listening to a man preaching in a crowd of tired, pre-coffee, no-nonsense commuters.  There was the usual claim that these were dark times, and the usual call to return our faith to God, in the form of what he called our “spiritual breakfast”.

But there was something about what he said that reached me beyond a religious plea.  I took out my notebook and jotted down a few key phrases while I was able.

“… busy with everything but God…”

“The way you carry yourself says a lot.”

“What about your soul that carries your flesh?”

It made me think about some of the common focuses that myself and others might have:  physical appearance, money, reputation, and so on.  These are all important things that most of us must think about in one form or another.  That being said, we are more than these things.  We are more than how we look, and we are more than how people view us.

Replace “God” in that first quote with “your spirit”, “your mind”, or whatever phrase best describes your more intangible self.  Is that statement now true for you?  How would you rectify that and become more concerned with your internal essence?  As the last quote says, we are more than our flesh; many believe that our soul lives beyond the death of our flesh, and yet many of us focus on the preservation of the latter while being less concerned about the former.

“The way you carry yourself says a lot.”

I admit I am not certain what he meant specifically when he said this, but I do think that when we take care of ourselves, mentally and spiritually, it impacts the image we present to the world.  We can be drawn to people sometimes and not know why, but perhaps the subconscious picks up on qualities our conscious minds might miss.

So if tending to the spirit/soul/essence means so much to our wellbeing, what does it mean to actually do such a thing?

For me, it means taking care of myself mentally and intellectually.  For example, I might not need to take a course on a certain topic, but I will do it anyway for my own knowledge and enjoyment.  Or perhaps I will climb a tree and sit there for an afternoon – I used to do this often when I was a teenager, and I still get the urge to climb above the world with a good book.  I’m not always able to do these things, so I need to sit down and figure out other ways I can use to stimulate and rejuvenate myself.  This might include taking more trips to a local park or cultural institution, or perhaps trying new things to broaden my experiences and perspectives.

What does it mean for you?  How do you take care of yourself beyond the needs of the physical body?

As always, much love, and happy soul-searching!


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