Reflections: Quality Time

Hello one and all!

As you may know, I have been keeping a daily journal in the form of questions I ask and answer.  One of the purposes of doing so is to encourage my own growth, which means I cannot simply write about my day and then forget about it.  So what have I learned over the past week?

In documenting the good things that have happened, there were two common themes that kept occurring: spending time with those I care about and working on my productivity goals (which include my home, my career, and this blog).

I’ve been thinking about the relationships in my life, and how I need to take a more active role in maintaining them.  Some of the best things I recorded this past week were about me putting in more time with people and laying the groundwork for improving friendships that aren’t as close as they could be.  Part of why I have problems maintaining these relationships is that I tend to be antisocial; I love spending time with people, but they drain my energy no matter how lovely they are.  I have let that discourage me from reaching out at all, thus going too far in the opposite direction.  That isn’t okay, and this past week has shown me, documented on paper, that I do still like people and that it is absolutely worth cultivating stronger relationships – even if I need some time to myself afterwards.

Much of that time spent alone this past week has been spent on planning.  I have been laying the groundwork for forwarding my career, maintaining my home, and working on this blog (yay!).  Each time I do this, I feel accomplished and hopeful.  Better yet, I have also put a lot of work into turning plans into reality, which is always a good thing!

The common factor here is how I spend my time.  For a long while, I wasted it by watching many YouTube videos or randomly scrolling through Reddit, hoping to see something I hadn’t seen yet.  As this blog picked up steam and my job revealed a possibility for advancement, I found more and more ways to be productive in a manner that was still enjoyable to me.  Simultaneously, I began reflecting on the state of my personal life and considering ways to give more of my time to the people in my life who would happily want it.  I don’t spend nearly as much time being lazy in front of my computer or TV, and I haven’t felt so good in many months.

This is what I call quality time: working to better myself professionally, creatively, and as a person who fulfills the role of daughter, partner, and friend.  It may sound dull, but I end most days with a sense of pride and accomplishment, and a big ol’ smile on this face.  The more I work on these things now, the easier it will be in the future to fill my days with activities that bring joy into my life.

What do you consider part of your quality time?

As always, much love, and happy YOU!


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