February ABCs – Intro

Hello one and all!

Something I had been working on throughout the month of January was posting more frequently, and I’d say I did pretty well.  (Then again, it’s not hard to post more regularly after disappearing for eight months.)  Still, I’d like to challenge myself: can I keep myself organized and disciplined enough to upload a new post every day of February?

Enter February ABCs, a series in which I create posts inspired by the alphabet.  The English alphabet has 26 letters; the month has 28 days, which leaves me with an extra two days for an intro (this post) and a reflection on the experience when it’s over.

I do already have posts planned out, with some being artistic and some with topics closer to my weekly musings.  That said, we all know that planning does not equal doing!  To add a challenge on top of daily posts, I aim to keep up my usual posting schedule, which means I will be writing about my artistic endeavors, life reflections, and random musings, or whatever else I would usually make a post about.

That’s a total of roughly 40 posts in 28 days… think I can do it?

As always, much love, and Happy February!


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