Planning Progress

Hello one and all!

Something I have always struggled with is planning, both short-term and long-term.  I can sit down for an hour and plan my whole life, but it’s not so easy to be consistent about planning the daily grind and (most importantly) actually following through with it.  Schedules have ruled my life since I was a child, in every level of schooling and in every job I have held.  Planners have been a tool for much of that time, handed out on the first day of every school year from the age of ten, and bought by myself in an effort to finally get my life under some semblance of control.

There have been dated planners, undated planners, planners with pre-written time slots, planners with no lines at all, and the list just goes on.  I tend to vacillate between jotting down every possible task and abandoning any attempt for several months.  Neither works very well for me, and I decided to finally sit down and find a system that does.


Back in December, I picked up a simple Muji weekly planner.  I started out simple and neat, trying to include things I thought were important but were not daily chores.  The daily list turned into something more specific, but there was no satisfaction in looking at the various crossed out and rescheduled items, only a feeling of being overwhelmed and unaccomplished.

I’ve since moved the daily tasks to their own app, and decided to keep this planner as simple as I can.  Moving forward, I’m including only the larger important things.  I have my blog schedule on the left side of each day, and any time commitments on the right side, such as work, appointments, or plans with friends and family.  It’s impossible for me to say whether I have found the solution I am looking for, but I have a good feeling about this.

How have you kept your life on track?

As always, much love, and happy planning!


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