F: Failure

Hello one and all!

Failure is something most of us encounter, some more frequently than others.  It comes in all shapes and sizes: personal, academic, professional, accidental, or any other types of failure that could occur.

Sometimes the worst instances are those caused by other factors out of your control.  You failed a group project because your classmates didn’t do their part, or a business deal went south because the client had an issue you had nothing to do with.  You still have to deal with the consequences even though there was likely nothing you could have done to change the outcome.

Sometimes the worst instances are those you had control over entirely.  These are the times you look back on, knowing exactly where you went wrong and what you needed to do, or maybe not knowing what went wrong and feeling as though you ought to.  These are the failures we all look back on, the events that we must learn from in order to improve and grow.

Failure, in a broad sense, isn’t the worst thing to happen to a person.  It often feels like it is, but failure is generally an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and perhaps whatever it is we failed at.  Most of us don’t learn things perfectly on the first try.  Most of us didn’t run the first time we tried to walk, or tie our shoes perfectly the first time we were shown how.  Failure is normal.  Failure is a natural part of the learning process.  It doesn’t make it hurt less when we fall, or make us less disappointed when a project or task doesn’t turn out as it was meant to, but it is something we can learn to work with.

How do you deal with failure?

As always, much love, and happy learning!


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