G: God and god

Hello one and all!

Do you believe in one god, many gods, or no god at all?  If you believe in a god or gods, is there a gender or name assigned to that divinity?  What does that god stand for?

Growing up, I learned about God.  It always seemed important for that G to be capitalized, because if you wrote “god”, well that could mean anything.  It made sense if you thought of it being a name as well as a designation.  It made less sense when reading passages in which God was also referred to as “He” or Him”, utilizing capitalization where the rules of English would not require it.  I have seen it argued that this stylistic choice is a measure of respect, which is something I have also seen in some non-religious circles.

What was your introduction to religion?  How often do you talk about a god or gods that are not included in your beliefs?

As always, much love!


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