Are Valentine’s Day Gifts Actually Good Gifts?

Hello one and all!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which got me looking for gift ideas.  I was less than inspired by many of the traditional suggestions, which got me thinking: what do people actually think about these ideas?

I gathered 30 suggestions, half of which were given as suggestions for women and half as suggestions for men.  My results are hardly scientific, but luckily they are based on an even gender split (two men and two women).

  1. “Why I Love You” Book/Jar/List – The overall consensus was that this is a good idea as a general gift, and even better for Valentine’s Day; however, one woman said it depended on presentation and one man said that it should be paired with something else if given on a different occasion (such as a birthday).
  2. Beer/Liquor – Both women didn’t like the idea.  Both men said it was an okay gift, but that it should be paired with something else or would have to be an extremely special bottle.
  3. Body Products (i.e. makeup, scented soaps/lotions) – All agreed that makeup is not a good gift.  All also agreed that scented lotions and soaps were good as a general gift, although one man did not think it appropriate for Valentine’s Day.
  4. Cactus/Succulents – No one seemed particularly thrilled to receive this one.
  5. Champagne/Wine – Same response as for Beer/Liquor.
  6. Chocolate/Candy – Interestingly, both women didn’t think it was a good gift, although better on Valentine’s Day than any other occasion.  Of the two men, one doesn’t like chocolate at all and the other thought it was a good idea but would have to be paired with something for this holiday.
  7. Clothing/Accessories (scarves/ties) – Everyone agreed that it would make a good gift as long as it matched the receiver’s personal style, but that it would have to be very special somehow to make it suitable for Valentine’s Day.
  8. Cool/Cute/Fuzzy/Cozy Socks – All agreed it was a good gift, but not as a solo item for the holiday.
  9. Date (dinner, movies, etc) – All agreed it’s a good idea, with one man and one woman both saying it would have to be something extra for Valentine’s Day.  This is especially important for a couple who still goes out regularly, as a dinner or movie won’t feel very special if it’s something that happens every few weeks.
  10. Flowers – Predictably, both women liked the idea.  One man said “no thank you”, while the other said it would need to be given with something else.
  11. Food – Both women said it would depend; both men thought it was good.  One man and one woman said that it would be better if the food were homemade.
  12. Framed Photo – Everyone agreed that a good photo would make a decent gift, with one man saying it’s best for an anniversary.
  13. Hair Care (body/head/face) – One man said it was fine; everyone else said it would have to be paired with something to be a suitable gift.
  14. Headphones/Electronic Gadget – Everyone agreed that it would be a good gift, with only one woman being unsure of its appeal for Valentine’s Day.
  15. Jewelry (leather & rope) – Both women weren’t thrilled about the idea due to personal style; one man said it was a good gift while the other said it was appreciated normally, but not necessarily for this holiday.
  16. Jewelry (metal & gems) – Everyone agreed this was a good type of gift to receive, with one man adding that engraving it would be a great way to show the receiver how much they meant to the giver.
  17. Keychain – Neither woman seemed thrilled with it as a solo gift, while both men seemed fine with it (especially with the same engraving addition as above).
  18. Love Coupons (I.O.U.s) – Both women said “maybe”, one man said it was cute and appreciated, and one man said absolutely never give this as a gift unless you are broke and want to make it up to someone later.  As a personal note, I find these awkward to actually cash in.
  19. Love Poem/Letter – One woman said it was a great idea, while everyone else seemed to think it was a nice idea but not fantastic (with one man saying it should be given with something else).
  20. Proposal – Three of the four people said that it is an awful idea for Valentine’s Day, saying that it is a cliché and it deserves its own occasion.  That being said, one man said that it would be a good idea after a planned romantic and personal evening.
  21. Scents (dark/woodsy/musky) – Three of four said that it’s not a good idea unless you already know the receiver will definitely like it, and one of the men said he doesn’t like those scents.
  22. Scents (light/citrus/floral) – Same results from the three above, with the fourth saying he likes those scents.
  23. Sleep Mask – All agreed it wasn’t a good gift unless specifically requested or paired with other gifts.
  24. Spa Day – Three of four thought it was a fantastic idea, but one man said this is actually better as a gift some other time, perhaps when the receiver could really use it; it shows that you’re paying attention to them and their needs.  I personally agree with his logic, but I don’t think any of us would turn down a trip to the spa!
  25. Stuffed Animal – Both women said yes, one man said no, and one man said it was good but not as a solo gift.
  26. Sunglasses – No one thought this was a good idea, unless specifically requested.
  27. Tools – Three of the four thought that this was a good gift generally, but one woman didn’t think they were good for Valentine’s Day and the other didn’t think they were ever a good gift.
  28. Underwear/PJs – Three of four thought it was okay (more for the PJs than the underwear), with one woman saying it would need to be special for the holiday.  One man said it would only be good if they were needed.
  29. Wallet – One man said absolutely, the rest said only if needed and not for the holiday.
  30. Watch – One man said absolutely, the women said it would have to be special or previously requested, and one man said that it would be good if engraved or otherwise personalized.


This is a tiny sample size, but these are the results!  Were you surprised by any of the answers?

As always, much love!


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