I: Living in a Self-Centered World

Hello one and all!

How much do you use the word “I”?

When writing personal pieces, it can be hard not to insert it in every sentence.  Not every language has this problem; in Korean, while there is a word for “I”, its meaning is usually implied and the word itself is omitted.  This isn’t the case in English, in which it is difficult to make personal statements without it.  For example, you cannot tell someone that you went to the store without saying “I went to the store”.

In writing the posts on this very blog, I (see?) find myself doing it far too often; more than I realized I would have.  It’s something I now am aware of, and will be monitoring in the future.

When you look at your communication with others, do you find yourself using words like “I” and “me” quite often?  Do you consider it an issue, or simply a natural part of the language structure?

As always, much love!


3 thoughts on “I: Living in a Self-Centered World

  1. I guess I just see as part of the language structure (oops, I see it). Thinking about it now there are ways to reduce the I such as :In my perspective, it simply is a natural component within a casual conversation, rather than the written above. Hmm…interesting.

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