K: Of Kith and Kin

Hello one and all!

“Kith and kin” is an old way of saying “friends and family”.  It’s not a common phrase in modern times, but the group of people it refers to is just as vital to us now as it was when first conceived.

Staying connected to our friends and family is important for our wellbeing, but it’s also important to be selective about who we include in that group.  Those who are toxic or abusive, no matter what their relationship with us is, are not people we should keep in our lives.  Sometimes friends can be closer than family, and sometimes family means more to us than anyone else ever could; but for all those we love and cherish, we must remember to nourish those ties and not let time and distance wear them down.

Do you have people you need to get away from?  Do you have relationships fading away that you would like to preserve?

As always, much love!


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