L: Love

Hello one and all!

What is love?

There are different types of love: the love for a friend, for a parent, for a partner, and so on.  Every person you love is loved because they are who they are, which means that every love is unique since every person is unique.  Love is also infinite; one can never run out of love to give.

In the broad sense, I don’t think love is only one thing.  Love is the big shiny bow that goes on a box of personal history and gives it a name.  A bow without a present to wrap is just a bow; love without its components might not be love at all.

What are those components?

First, history.  How can you love someone without knowing them, and how can you know someone without having some sort of history with them?  Perhaps that history was built over a lifetime together, or perhaps in the shared years of schooling, or maybe in the small moments squeezed in wherever they could fit into the daily grind.

Second, choice.  By this, I don’t mean that you choose whether to love someone, but it is hard to feel the love during times of strife.  You have to make a choice to stick with a person through the bad times and work through any issues.  You can still love that person if you don’t choose to work through it, but your love usually grows stronger if you do.

Third, change.  Love doesn’t have to be the same moment by moment.  Generally, we love our parents as children.  We love them blindly.  As we grow, we see our parents as people who were often just like us, and we love them not just as parents, but as people.  Or sometimes we grow up and we don’t like what we see, and we lose that love.  With our partners, those we consider living our whole lives with,  we might start with a passionate kind of love that turns into a more friendly love.

Perhaps the components of love are different for each person; maybe we all love in different ways.  Perhaps this is all just a rationalization of a force beyond my comprehension.

No matter what it is, take a moment this Valentine’s Day to appreciate everyone you love, in every way.

As always, much love!


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