O: Understanding and Acceptance

Hello one and all!

The letter ‘O’ is an interesting one because it is a simple shape: a circle.  It’s the shape our mouth makes when we speak it, often in the context of understanding, such as “oh, that’s what you mean”.

Sometimes it’s impossible to truly understand someone else.  In those cases, sometimes we must simply accept them for who they are or how they think.  That doesn’t mean we have to like them or agree with their point of view; what it means is that we accept that whatever we don’t understand is something that makes perfect sense to them.

When taking an acting class, one of the first lessons that may be taught is that to act out a role, you must understand the role.  That means figuring out what motivates them.  What was their path from point A to point B, and what might they want as their point C?  It’s not uncommon for villains or criminals to see themselves as innocent or perhaps even the true victims.  While it can be quite clear what their thoughts were in plays, movies, and books, it’s often far more difficult when looking at people in the real world.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to understand them, on scales both large and small.  When you fight with a friend or a partner, try to understand their side, or if you cannot, accept that they have their own reasons regardless.  When faced with a powerful person making decisions that you disagree with, try to understand what factors are important to them or what beliefs may be impacting their actions.

Understanding doesn’t solve every problem, and neither does acceptance; however, failing to do both will either solve nothing or cause one problem to grow larger in size and number.

Is there someone you need to understand or accept in order to move forward?

As always, much love!


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