R: Right and Wrong

Hello one and all!

There is a story I read long ago in which a teacher placed a ball between two students.  The teacher asked each student what color the ball was, and they each replied with a different color.  This lead to an argument with each student not understanding how the other person could be so wrong.  The teacher then turned the ball around, and asked the question again.  The students saw that they had both been correct, as each side of the ball was, in fact, a different color.

The lesson was that every issue has more than one side.  It is possible to be right without someone else being wrong, and you may never understand the other side unless you see it for yourself.

Remember that sometimes it is necessary to seek out the truth for ourselves.  We cannot accept our own views as the whole story, nor can we accept someone else’s views as the whole story.  We must be journalists in our own lives, checking facts and asking questions.

As always, much love!


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