Reflections: Little Things Are Little

Hello one and all!

I’m mentioned before my issues with anger, which I have been trying to work on through my journaling.  While I have noticed some improvements, something that flew underneath my radar is my tendency to react negatively to small things.  I don’t process my reactions as negative, because to me they are little things that I react to and move past, but the people around me do see the negativity.  If they are truly little things barely worth remembering, then why am I snapping at people over them or otherwise being outwardly upset?  If I don’t really care about the ice cream being left out a little longer than it should or that I have to remind someone where I moved the kitchen towels, why am I letting my reactions to those small things make other people feel bad?

I don’t have a solution yet, but I know now that while I was focusing on fixing my larger anger issues, I was ignoring the smaller issues that may be more important to fix.

Little things are little, and my reactions should reflect that.

As always, much love and less anger!


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