U: U and You

Hello one and all!

Why do we replace entire words with letters?  It seems to be a common theme in text messages and personal emails, and I have even begun to see this in professional advertisements.

When instant messages weren’t so instant and typing on phones required pressing the same key three times for one letter, this made sense.  These days, however, text communication is faster than ever and most phones have full keyboards (physical or touchscreen).  So why do we still take these shortcuts?

I can’t say I have never done this, because I have – usually when I am rushing out the door but need to let someone know I am on my way.  That being said, it’s not something I ever did regularly.  My emails, texts, and instant messages are almost always correct in grammar, spelling, and capitalization (although perhaps that last component suffers more often than the others).  I was the child who, when sitting with my older friend while she chatted online, would constantly point out places where she had misspelled a word or otherwise made an error.  Was I annoying?  Almost definitely.  Did my teachers and parents succeed in teaching me to respect the English language?  Yes, yes they did.

Do you take these shortcuts?  What are your reasons?  I’d love to know your thoughts on this!

As always, much love!


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