Y: Say Yes

Hello one and all!

How often do you say “yes” to new experiences and ventures?  Why is it that you might say no?  Is it fear, sensibility, or something else?

Saying “yes” is something that can open your mind and broaden your world view.  New cultures, foods, activities, places, and ideas can all help us grow as a person, because what we grew up with, the factors that create what we perceive as normal, is just a tiny fraction of what there is in the world.

What do you need to say yes to?

As always, much love!


2 thoughts on “Y: Say Yes

  1. “Yes, and” is a technique in improv designed to keep the flow going. “Yes” accepts what the other person said, and the “and” is the opening to take it further. It was once explained to me that this keeps the dialogue going, whereas a “no” just shuts it down. It can probably be put to good use in general life and relationships too.

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