February ABCs – Outro

Hello one and all!

On the first day of February, I declared that I would be posting a new blog (in some way inspired by each letter of the alphabet) every day of February, in addition to the three weekly blogs I had already assigned myself.  Today is officially the end of this venture, and I’m happy to say that I stuck with it from beginning to end!

My purpose for this challenge was to test myself.  Could I be organized, disciplined, and inspired enough to create roughly 40 posts and upload them on a regular schedule?  With one exception, I am quite proud to say that I was.

That one exception came in the form of my post for the letter R.  Officially, it went up on February 20th because it was after midnight.  I have always defined the end of the day by when I go to bed or when the sun comes up (whichever comes first), but in this instance I was disappointed that the records would not match that definition.

It was an important lesson on perception and the need to create tighter goals for.  Perhaps I should have specified to myself that each post must be up before midnight, and perhaps I should have thought about what I wanted others to see when they looked back at this series.  Sometimes what other people perceive (the date) doesn’t match the reality (my definition of a day), and in those cases, it has to be determined which side has priority.

Nevertheless, I know that I succeeded in the goal I set for myself, and I am proud of that.  I have a history of being persistently disorganized and late, and not always following through on tasks that I need or want to accomplish.  From now on, I can look back at this experience and know that it is absolutely possible for me to be stronger in these areas, and I cannot ever say to myself that “I can’t”.

That being said, I am happy to return to my three weekly posts, as I feel I will be able to produce more quality work this way.  I doubt I will ever turn this into a daily blog, as there are so many big changes occurring in my life that need my focus and attention, but I hope to keep writing here consistently.

What did you think about this challenge?  Did you enjoy the daily posts?  Is there anything else you’d like me to try?  Let me know!

As always, much love!


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