A Solemn Reminder

Hello one and all. An unfortunate truth in this world is that an individual life cannot exist forever.  When a life ends, those left to mourn do so in different ways; each person's reactions are different, as may be the mix of emotions they experience and the length of time in which they experience them. … Continue reading A Solemn Reminder


Sharing Beliefs

Hello one and all! I work in an industry that affords me the ability to talk to many people from different ways and walks of life.  This doesn't usually result in any meaningful interactions, but today was an exception. There is a woman I speak with here and there, often for just a few minutes … Continue reading Sharing Beliefs

Fun On My Own

Hello one and all! What does your ideal vacation experience consist of?  Most of my favorite childhood memories come from family trips, and an anniversary getaway remains a bright point in the last few years.  Even so, I have never taken a trip somewhere to spend time alone.  To some extent, many activities are just more … Continue reading Fun On My Own