Bucket Lists

Hello one and all!

Do you have a bucket list?  There are many discussions already on what belongs on a bucket list, but what is your bucket list to you?

Generally it refers to a list of things one wants to accomplish or experience during the course of their lifetime or before they die.  This type of list often has grand goals, such as traveling the world.  There is nothing wrong with having those listed, but it’s the context that makes them easy to put off.

You can always say you’ll do it tomorrow, or next year.  You can always make excuses for why now isn’t the time.  After all, you just have to check them off before you die, right? That’s plenty of time!


Don’t treat a bucket list as a “thing I want to do eventually” list.  Treat it as a “now” list, or “the next five years” list.  Don’t just write them down, make a plan.  Do some research, get excited, set aside a jar or savings account and include your goals in your budget.  When you’ve accomplished everything on your list, guess what?  You get to make a brand new list, because this world is vast and there is no end to the experiences you can have in it.

What will be on your “now” list?

As always, much love!


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