The Need For Practice

Hello one and all!

Something I used to say when I was a child was “I can’t draw trees”.  I distinctly remember telling my mother this, and I also remember her insisting that I simply couldn’t draw trees yet.  Much to my chagrin, it didn’t take long for her to gain the right to say “I told you so”.

I don’t have any drawings of trees at the moment, but I did recently attempt to draw a Celtic knot.  It wasn’t something I had ever drawn before, so what you see is my very first attempt.


Is it perfect, no, but there is improvement from my first to last attempt (left to right).

I coerced my partner to attempt it with me as well.  He says he can’t draw, but it reminds me of telling my mother I couldn’t draw trees.  Perhaps it is true that he doesn’t draw well yet, but that doesn’t mean that practice wouldn’t make him better.

Whether someone’s skills are completely untapped (like his) or moderately explored (like mine), one can always use practice.  Saying you can’t do something is a statement that usually is made more accurate by adding the word “yet”.  It doesn’t hurt to try something new; the key is to not give up too soon.

As always, much love!


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