Goals of Gold

Hello one and all!

When I discussed the idea of a bucket list, I mentioned that I preferred to think of it as a “now” list.  When I made my own, I chose to include some personal goals that are more practical than some of the traditional elements often added.  Money is an important part of my life, whether I like it or not.  For the sake of my future and that of my family, there are certain things I want to accomplish regarding that money and what I do with it.  These are things that can’t be put on a list for “before I die”, because I need to accomplish them long before that!

None of my financial goals will actually happen now, or perhaps even soon, but they gain a bit more mental importance by putting them on a list focused on actively pursuing each item.  Many of them have to do with saving, but I’d also like to invest some day and have better credit than I do now.  Perhaps they are a bit dull and mundane, and they won’t give me a hit of adrenaline like skydiving or zorbing will.  What they will do is give me something to reach for, a milestone I can feel pride over, and a backbone to help me accomplish my more exciting goals with greater ease.

Do you have personal goals related to money?  Why or why not?

As always, much love!


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