Dealing With Sorrow

Hello one and all!

How do you deal with sorrow?  Do you let it consume you, wallowing in your misery?  Do you self-medicate, with food, drugs, or alcohol?  Do you distract yourself by immersing yourself in unimportant activities?  Do you work the pain away?

Each person’s experience with sorrow is different, and while possible solutions are bandied about endlessly, sometimes all that can be done is live through it and wait until the pain fades.  Sometimes it’s hard to understand how someone may be feeling, and if their methods of coping may to more harm than good, it can be difficult to stand by and watch.

The only advice that might actually apply to every situation is that if someone you care for is suffering, pay attention.  Do they need you to be close to them, or do they need space?  Do they need you to pull them out of their dark place, or do they need you to let them work through their grief no matter how painful?  Do they need you to tell them it will be okay, or will platitudes only make them feel worse?  Do they need distraction or commiseration?  If all else fails, you can always ask what they feel they need.

Do the best you possibly can, because you can do no more.

As always, much love!


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