A Solemn Reminder

Hello one and all.

An unfortunate truth in this world is that an individual life cannot exist forever.  When a life ends, those left to mourn do so in different ways; each person’s reactions are different, as may be the mix of emotions they experience and the length of time in which they experience them.

Sometimes a death is no surprise, such as when someone has been sick for a long time or simply at an age where one knows every day on this earth is a gift one cannot be sure of receiving again.

Sometimes a death is tragic, such as when a child dies with no warning or a terrible accident takes a life.

Sometimes a death is a shock.  Perhaps someone has been sick but no one knew, or perhaps someone died from something no one thought would be a concern.

Something often said upon a person’s passing is “I wish we’d had more time”.  The truth is that time may be infinite, but our time on this earth and with our loved ones is not.  We have only a finite number of hours in which to live our life.  We may not know what that number is, but the clock is always ticking down.

It’s easy for some to think of that ticking clock and wonder if there’s a point to living if we will simply turn to dust, and there is always some merit to contemplating the purpose of life.  The question that must be asked is what does it mean to each and every one of us to live life to its fullest.  What is it that we really want to do?  What is it that we keep saying we don’t have time for, and is that really the truth?

In this world, most of us must spend hours upon hours doing something we aren’t passionate about in order to sustain ourselves and our households.  We usually must work even harder to sustain a lifestyle we enjoy.  Some people are able to defy the normal path and forge their own way while doing something that they love, but not all of us may be able to do that.  Or perhaps we could, if only we knew what we wanted or how to do it.

Even if we spend 20-80 hours in less than optimal jobs in every given week, there is still time left over, and that’s important.  Those are hours to pursue our passions, even if they only remain a hobby.  Those are hours to explore the world, even if you never leave the country you were born in.  Those are hours to talk to and spend time with the people we love, before someone runs out of hours, and those left wish there had been more time when the truth is that there probably was time that went to other things instead.

Don’t live a life you will regret.  Don’t prioritize the non-essentials.  Figure out what matters most to you, and make time for it.  Don’t let your time slip away, and don’t let the time you could have had with your loved ones be something you regret wasting.

As always, much love, and happy living.


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