Hello one and all!

Recently I’ve been thinking about this blog, my life, my job, and numerous other aspects of my world.  I do a lot of thinking and planning, but very few of those plans turn into actions.

Take this blog, for instance.  When I first took up the mantle of Miss Hued, I intended to create a Youtube channel.  I made one awful video that accomplished nothing other than getting me into the absolute basics of video editing, and then I stopped.  It was several months before I chose to start this blog instead, and almost a year before I started posting regularly.  The central theme has changed, and my posts have turned out much more serious than I ever intended.  As a result, I’ve been thinking of taking the lighter aspects (such as the more artistic ideas) and doing a separate Youtube channel as I had originally intended almost two years ago.  I sat for a few hours and brainstormed two weeks ago, and haven’t touched the idea since!

I’m always so focused on what I want to accomplish or how I want to accomplish it that I never actually sit down and turn my goals into realities.  Some of it comes down to time and energy, but a lot of it comes down to fear.  If I never try, I can’t fail; which is nonsensical, because not trying means that I have already assumed my failure!

I know I need to take a look at my life and my priorities, and really make an actionable plan that I can start instead of rewriting without doing anything else.  My life is about to change beyond my imagination, and I know that’s been a huge stopping point for me, but the introduction of one element doesn’t make all the others disappear.  Will I fail to stick to whatever plan I create?  Yes, almost definitely; however, if I learn from those failures and keep striving to do my best, then perhaps I will still succeed in the end.  If I do nothing, there is no chance of success, and I remain chained by my own emotions.

What’s holding you back?

As always, much love!


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