New Beginnings

Hello one and all!

Change can be many things: exciting, terrifying, or anywhere in the middle.  For me, it tends to make me anxious.  The idea of change makes me want to control everything.  I make lists and plans, and I hate having some aspect of that change be in someone else’s hands.

Even when I knew change was coming and had time to prepare, it can still be hard to finally reach that point.  I have had months to plan and prepare, and now, on the cusp of a life-changing moment, I am perhaps more terrified than I have ever been.  Did I make the right choice?  Did I miss something?  Will any of this matter?  What really comes next?

I don’t know what the future holds for me.  As far as I know, no one truly knows the future, nor do we know whether it is set in stone.  I like to think that my actions are not pre-determined, and that I can change course at any time; but some actions are irreversible.  From there, you can only hope you’ve done the best you can, and try to do even better as you move forward.

How do you handle change?

As always, much love!


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