Time to Breathe

Hello one and all!

For the first time in weeks, I am completely alone outside my home with nowhere to go and nothing to do.  I left my home only a half hour late (which, for me, is an accomplishment these days) and arrived at my destination an hour before the person I intended to meet.  It’s a good thing my destination has AC, pleasant people, and an entire desk to take over!

Initially, I wasn’t quite sure how to take advantage of the time.  It’s all too easy to fall into the same web-browsing patterns I have when I’m home, which usually means scrolling through Reddit on my phone or Googling solutions to problems I don’t yet have.  There is nothing physically here that means I must do something different, and there would be nothing wrong with me continuing my habit.

That being said, something this place does offer me is space: a different environment with few distractions or demands on my time.  Within moments of settling in, I came to a conclusion that may be vital to determining the rest of my life.  Does that sound too dramatic?  Perhaps it is!  Even so, one simple realization about what I want from my day-to-day life made a months-long decision process take quite a turn.

I wouldn’t have reached that conclusion by being at home.

It’s important to step back from my normal life and evaluate it, and personally, I can’t do that while I am in the thick of it.  Every day, I am faced with dozens of things that must get done, should get done, or ought to have been done months ago.  It’s overwhelming.  Here, my surroundings aren’t screaming at me.  It’s quiet.  Peaceful.  Perhaps a bit colder than I’d like.

So as I finish writing this, I know my next step will be to calmly and analytically take stock of my existence.  I will decide what my priorities are and what needs to happen when.  I will take a moment to appreciate the life I have and plan the life I want.  I will look at everything in my world and simply… breathe.

As always, much love!


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