Beyond Its Role

Hello one and all! Sometimes it's the smallest things that can stick through a day.  This morning, after my hair-tie broke, I put my hair up in a bun with a crochet hook.  My partner thought it looked nice, so I left it as is.  All day long, I kept expecting somebody to give me … Continue reading Beyond Its Role


Making Time

Hello one and all! One of the biggest things I've struggled with lately is making time for myself.  I've wanted to blog, draw, bake, and otherwise engage in personal activities. Despite that, whenever I have had a moment to spare, I usually have no energy for these and mindlessly browse on my phone instead.  So … Continue reading Making Time

Fun On My Own

Hello one and all! What does your ideal vacation experience consist of?  Most of my favorite childhood memories come from family trips, and an anniversary getaway remains a bright point in the last few years.  Even so, I have never taken a trip somewhere to spend time alone.  To some extent, many activities are just more … Continue reading Fun On My Own