Give Good A Number – #1: Stand Up

Hello one and all! This week I've been reading "One Good Deed: 365 Days of Trying to Be Just A Little Bit Better" by Erin McHugh, a book about - well, about trying to be just a little bit better.  McHugh writes tales of family, friendship, coworkers, and strangers, as she attempts to look for … Continue reading Give Good A Number – #1: Stand Up


Little Bits of Joy

Hello one and all! It's been a long, productive, and tiring week, filled with the usual frustrations (and then some).  But there have also been plenty of lovely things!  When I set up my planner/tracker booklet, I added a gratitude page.  I've been diligent in filling it out so far, and here's what I have … Continue reading Little Bits of Joy


Hello one and all! I've been gone for a while now, and it's been several months since I've been posting with any regularity. Truth be told, I don't know what to write.  I barely have energy for myself these days, and coming up with something interesting has been more than I can handle.  There's been … Continue reading Adrift